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We're proud to support a number of athletes of all ages, across a wide variety of sports in Singapore, we're now looking for elite athletes in Hong Kong to join our team of ambassadors.

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Marie Choo

Marie Choo was once known for her work and fashion style as a Public Relations professional and was featured in many magazines and newspapers. These days, dog lovers and those in the dog welfare community know her better as The Dog Alchemist, a dog behaviourist and trainer who trains and rehabilitates dogs, while the running and fitness community know her as an avid runner who runs marathons and ultra trail races to raise funds and awareness for rescue dogs. She started running 3 years ago, going from not being able to run 2km to completing her first full marathon in Tokyo just shy of 10 months. She went on to complete Gold Coast Marathon and New York City Marathon in 2016. This year, she ventured into ultra trail running and made her debut at Translantau50 in Hong Kong. She is currently training for Berlin Marathon 2017 and for a 100km ultra trail race in 2018. Thanks Ashlogue.com for the great photo!

Ling Er Choo

Ling Er is no stranger among the triathlon arena. Coming from a purely Track and Field back ground, Ling Er burst into the multi-sports discipline scene and constantly challenged for the top 3 podium spots even when she was still considered as a ‘newbie’ to some of her more seasoned and experience peers. It was in 2009 that she met with a near fatal accident after having qualified for the Forster Grant 70.3 World Championships in Florida while out training on the road in her final two weeks preparations. A vehicle collided with her, resulting in a broken left femur, broken right kneecap and a broken right ankle. Along with the mild blood clot in her head, doctor diagnoses her to be partially handicap and that she would not be able to fulfill the full movement of walking. Needless to say, all hopes of running and getting back into the sports will have to come to a pre-mature end. Moving forward 4 years later, Ling Er has overcome the adversity that she met in her life. She endeavours to be a constant advocate to the younger generations and view to inspire, that anyone can be the change in the world you want to see if you set your heart and mind to it. She has since broke two previous records set by a Singaporean Female in the 70.3 Ironman and the Full Ironman distance. 4hrs 51mins for a 70.3 Ironman and 11hrs 18mins for a full Ironman. In 2014, Ling Er achieved a remarkable milestone that much of male counterparts can only dream of. Ling Er is the first Singaporean to ever qualify for the prestigious Kona Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, twice. The only 3 means to qualify for the Kona Ironman World Championship is either via a lottery program, a legacy program or by winning and topping your age group in a qualifying Ironman race. In both attempt, Ling Er qualified by winning her age group. We are delighted to have Ling Er onboard as a PURE Elite Athlete! Thanks to Jun Hwa Lau for the awesome photo!

Kerstin Ong

Jacob Wissum

Dipna Lim Prasad

Jonathan Chong

Hi I'm Jonathan, I train 10 times a week for 2 hours or more every session. I aim to qualify for all regional and international competitions in 2018. Kayaking is a demanding sport that requires long hours of intensive training. Hence, Pure's products are optimal for fueling me through the workouts by keeping me hydrated and replenishing my body's electrolyte stores. Besides being a competitive athlete, I am also a coach for school teams. I do my coaching on top of my own training and do face an issue of recovery because the intra-training rest time is shortened. By consuming Pure's post workout recovery, it has helped me cope with the increased workout load tremendously.

Aida Othman

After leaving Kuala Lumpur 20 years ago, Aida’s home has been Auckland, Sydney, Dubai, and currently Singapore. An avid long-distance runner, she has participated in ultra-marathons like Ultima Frontera in Spain, Wadi Bih in Oman, Iznik and Cappadocia Ultra-Trail in Turkey, Hajar 100 in United Arab Emirates and back-to-back Comrades Marathon in South Africa. In 2013 and 2014, she participated in cross country multi-days running in United Arab Emirates called 7 Emirates Run where she ran her longest (12 days with total of 575km). She is training towards qualifying for Ultra Trail du Month-Blanc CCC in 2017. While her bucket list of ultra and adventure races never seems to get any shorter, she aspires to one day compete at International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) in 100km, 24 Hour and Trail Championship. A qualified Chartered Accountant, she is also the creator of food and health blog SliceOfTorchGinger[dot]com. To perform at her optimal level; nutritious and clean fuel management is crucial for her long endurance running. PURE products complement this well and fit her philosophy of healthy living without unnecessary additives and preservatives. She looks forward to an exciting partnership with PURE in taking her ultra journey further.

Anna Eberhardt

I`m a professional Triathlete, new in Singapore, just moved here end of 2016 from Switzerland. With a top Hungarian Triathlon ranking as an age group athlete- multiple Hungarian half- and long-distance National Champion, multiple Hungarian Duathlon Champion, winning national and international races, I took part at the legendary Hawaii Ironman World Championship and I became a professional triathlete in 2013. I studied in Budapest at the Faculty of Architecture – University of Technology and Economics. Beside of the triathlon I used to work in Zurich as an architect. I`m a 70.3 specialist and my strengths are my bike/run combination; I have often the fastest run or bike split of the professional women. My 2015-16 triathlon season has seen my break onto every podium at every race I have entered, finally pulling together the previous 10 years of hard work and dedication to me three disciplines into results. 2016 Best results: 70.3 Ironman Budapest – 3rd, 70.3 Ironman Dublin – 3rd, Trans Voralberg Triathlon, Austria – 2nd, 70.3 Ironman Rugen - 3rd, Hungarian Triathlete of the Year 2015 and 2016. End of 2016 my standing was on the 70.3 Ironman Pro World Ranking 21th position. I`m looking forward to be part of the Pure Sport Elite Athlete Team and thank you for helping me during Training, Races to fuel and afterwards to recover well! Very excited to race in Asia! Bring it on!